Hogosha is a program developed to help people learn to defend themselves, their loved ones and communities. With a broad focus on mental, physical, and spiritual defense, this program is for anyone in any vocation or stage of life. Based in the Black Hills.

There is no art or sport competition, just personal defense training. While there are core principles and skillsets, the training is tailored to the individual participant's assets, liabilities, and overall situation. Perfect for parents who want to protect themselves or their families, youth who are ready to become strong individuals and good citizens, security personnel or public servants who endure daily risk, or any other person of good moral character looking to push and improve themselves.


Awareness & Mindset
Flight/Fight & Freeze
Maturity & Confidence
Pressure Testing


Fundamentals & Attributes
Empty Hands & Weapons
Fitness & Fuel
Pressure Testing


Emotions & Logic
Moral Character
Ikigai & Purpose
Pressure Testing