About Us

Although a lot of what we do as self defense instructors involves firearms, at our core we’re about self defense in general. Hogosha was created to help people develop the knowledge, physical skill and mindset to survive violence.

This led to a lot of work with weapons, including firearms. After teaming up with Integrative Defense Strategies, Hogosha PDT became the best self defense program in the Black Hills.

In all our endeavors our goal is to serve our families and community by providing education, motivation, discipline, and lots of practice.

Stay Humble.
Work Hard.
Be Kind.

Our Self Defense Instructors

Kyle McCabe

Head Coach

Kyle McCabe

Kyle is a black belt in Hawaii Kenpo, and an IDS APEX Certified Instructor Level 2. As an APEX Instructor, Kyle is able to offer a new kind of personal defense training to citizens of the Black Hills, including weapons-based self defense.

Coree McCabe


Coree McCabe

Coree is a black belt in Hawaii Kenpo and has trained for nearly 20 years. She brings a unique perspective and the experience needed to combine empty-hand, firearms, and defense principles for members of the program.